Lucky Stiff

The University of Tulsa

Director - Machele Dill


Preliminary Sketches & Model - Scenery

I tried to incorporate Machele's "Take a chance on life" theme by exploring the use of

universal casino images and gambling.


The stage floor becomes a large poker table with each character standing on one of the "hands" during the opening song.



Harry's hotel room utilizes two rolling wall units (playing cards) that lead from the hallway (stage right door)

and to the bathroom (stage left door).  The bed can be rolled out and the actors pop out of the foot

of the bed for the "nightmare" in Act II  The closet is also Harry's shoe rack in Act I (the back side).


The stage left upper level can be used for the Phone Booth scene as well as the airplane scene.

I don't think the stage right upper level is large enough to be used for any scenes or is necessary.


The door units (Harry's interior and the outside of the hallway units) turn around to reveal painted foliage planters. 

These can be used for the "Various Monte Carlo" locations.  I also could see a downstage center "planter/bench" that could look

like stacked poker chips.




I modified the train scene to only be 4 painted windows that fly in. . . no light boxes. . .

The actors could sit on their suitcases so they didn't have to bring out chairs to simplify the transition.


Rough sketch for the Club Continentale - rain curtain that can flank the orchestra

with a flown in sign (with practical lighting fixtures)




Painter's Elevations for Upstage portal, floor, and scenic units.